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Cover Discover VET - Made in Saxony

Cover Discover VET - Made in Saxony
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Education and training are the foremost theme of the twenty-first century. They are the key to success for each individual and society. In an era of globalization and communication, education and training know no boundaries and bring people together all over the world.
Saxony, a hub of Europe, is a modern, dynamic region with a long, colourful history. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, people took matters into their own hands and turned Saxony into a world-class centre of industry and training. Industry has always played an important part in Saxony’s economy. In fact companies from the region are at the top of their game in fields such as the automotive industry, microelectronics and engineering.
Powerful corporations like GlobalFoundries, Infineon, BMW, Volkswagen, DHL and Hitachi have all set up shop in Saxony. Together with the region’s strong medium-sized enterprises, they form the backbone of Saxony’s economy.
Skilled trades and craftsmanship have also flourished in Saxony for centuries. The best-known examples include the porcelain painters in Meissen, gingerbread bakers in Pulsnitz, watchmakers in Glashütte, toymakers in the Erzgebirge mountains, and instrument-makers from the Vogtland district.
Yet Saxony is also a region of education and training. Excellence in industry and the trades is down to well-trained, enthusiastic skilled workers. And the dual system of vocational training enjoys an outstanding reputation across the world.
Vocational training imparts key skills and enables young people to start a career full of opportunities. The dual system of vocational education and training in Germany guarantees low youth unemployment and economic competitiveness.
Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport and Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Sven Morlok

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