Klingenberg Dam


Klingenberg Dam

Klingenberg Dam
Landestalsperrenverwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen
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Klingenberg Dam is a drinking water reservoir in the Eastern Ore Mountains. It is an early masterpiece by the famous architect Hans Poelzig. The dam was built between 1908 and 1914. In honor of the last Saxon king it was named originally Friedrich August Dam. The dam owes its construction to the immense damage caused by the flood of 1897 in the river valleys of the Eastern Ore Mountains. This was also a time when industry was moving into the Dresden area and the demand for drinking and process water was growing rapidly.

Today, Klingenberg Dam, along with the Lehnmühle, Rauschenbach and Lichtenberg dams, supplies drinking water to large parts of the Saxon Switzerland Eastern Ore Mountains district, the city of Freital, and around 60 percent of the city of Dresden. It also serves as flood protection.

For almost 100 years the dam was in continuous operation. From 2005
to 2013 the State Reservoir Administration of Saxony restored it in one
of its largest construction projects.

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